Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Use caution when selling online

Due to the popularity of online sites such as eBay and Kijiji, more and more people are looking to the Internet when they want to sell things. And while selling online can be a terrific resource for entrepreneurs and even those just looking to get rid of a few used items, members should be aware of a scam that has been quite prevalent in recent months.
The scam typically begins with the fraudster agreeing to purchase the seller’s item over the Internet. The scam artist then sends the victim a cheque for more than the agreed upon purchase price, and asks that the seller to cash the cheque and return the excess. If the victim does deposit the cheque and return the excess funds, a few days later the original cheque will bounce and the victim will be out the difference — and possibly the item itself.
The best advice is to wait until the cheque has cleared before sending anything to the purchaser — merchandise or otherwise —and to keep in mind that if the cheque you receive is for too much, that’s probably a red flag that you’re being targeted by a scammer.

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