Friday, July 24, 2015

Three easy tips for removing a summer’s worth of dirt from your car

That summer road trip may have left you with a bunch of lasting memories, but odds are your car is covered in reminders of a different sort. Hundreds of kilometres of highway travel can leave a car covered in bugs, road tar, dirt and grime. Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to get your car looking like new, using products you probably already have kicking around the house.
         1)  Remove bugs quickly and easily with dryer sheets.
Find an empty spray bottle. Add a little water and a dryer sheet. Let the dryer sheet soak in the water for roughly 15 minutes. Then spray the water on the bug-grime and wipe gently with another dryer sheet. It should come right off!
         2)  Clean your headlights with toothpaste.
Dirty headlights are unsightly — and dangerous. Rub them with ordinary toothpaste and you’ll have them sparkling like new.
         3)   Remove road tar with WD-40.
With just soap and water, you’ll need to apply a lot of elbow grease to remove that tar. But spraying on a little WD-40 should make the job much easier, and it’s completely safe on paint.

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