Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Be wary of this common ‘computer virus’ telephone scam

It’s the kind of scam that’s just a little too easy to fall for. Your telephone rings and the person on the end of the line explains they’re calling from the “Microsoft Windows Security Centre.” They’re calling to inform you that a serious virus has been detected on your computer.
For many people, even if they’re initially suspicious, the prospect of a harmful virus on their computer is enough to keep them on the line. And for many of us, the vagaries of the inner workings of a computer are enough to plant a seed of doubt. This, of course, is exactly what the fraudsters are counting on.
Once they’ve got your ear, they will then usually proceed to tell you there is a downloadable piece of software available to clean up your computer at a reasonable price. All they need is your credit card information and they’ll install it for you.
If you receive this kind of call, rest assured it is a scam. If you’re concerned about computer viruses, you can always purchase anti-virus software or have your computer checked by a reputable firm.

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